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by Arazy Group | Mar 16, 2017
Independent regulatory consultants are invited to register for exclusive offers that would enable them to instantly boost their MedTech product registration capabilities in 100+ markets worldwide and maximize their profit.

It is part of Arazy Group’s mission to accelerate the availability of new medical technologies and improved medical practices to physicians and patients around the world. The key to the company’s success is cloud-based regulatory intelligence and registration management system LICENSALE.COM®, which enables users to reduce regulatory costs by as much as 50% and expedite time-to-market by 100%. In the past 30 months, the system has been used to process over 2500 product registrations in 30+ countries for MedTech and IVD device manufacturers across the globe.

To help independent consultants grow their businesses, Arazy Group is offering these options:

1. Commission: A consultant can refer a client to Arazy Group if they find themselves in a situation where their client would like to register products in countries the consultant lacks capabilities in, or if they simply don’t have time to assist them. Arazy Group offers 5% commission for each referral during the first year and will not compete with any of the services consultants are currently offering those clients.

2. Additional work: At any time, a consultant may decide how involved they would like to be in one or more of Arazy Group's registration projects. They can act as the primary contact person for a project, or they may wish to appoint someone at the client’s organization to work with Arazy Group. The company will bill the client directly, while the consultant can charge them for any additional services, assistance or consultations they may offer them throughout the project.

3. New revenues: If a consultant intends to personally engage in product registrations in new markets (at least three submissions in the next six months or five to ten over the next 12 months), they are invited to use Arazy Group's Open Platform solution and manage clients’ registration projects in LICENSALE.COM®. They will benefit from the only online regulatory platform that provides:

• The most up-to-date, device specific regulatory intelligence for 100+ countries
• A license application template for each type of device in each market
• Online application preparation services including documents review by qualified experts 
• A document manager and archiving tools
• Project management and progress reports
• Final dossier preparation
• Submission to authorities
• Local authorized representative and independent license holder
• Post marketing, license maintenance and renewal activities

Arazy Group will charge consultants a significantly reduced fixed fee per application while they will be free to add a margin of their choice when charging their clients. Arazy Group experts will support consultants throughout the process to ensure they and their client(s) have a fruitful and positive experience using the unique global product registration solution.

Contact Arazy Group at to discuss the outstanding offer to boost business.






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