Bring your MedTech innovations to market with ease using our specialized regulatory technology and professional services for obtaining and maintaining market access


Cost and Savings

When choosing A regulatory technology, It is important to focus on the problems it can solve rather than the number of features it offers.

What can you Expect?

Our advanced technology streamlines regulatory compliance. It can generate any registration compliance file, set-up the corresponding registration process, and manage up to 80% of the required compliance information in under one minute based on previous submission information.

Our platform allows you to manage an unlimited number of registrations in parallel for single or multiple products, in one or more country/market, and can reduce overall labor time and budget by as much as 75%. This increase in productivity result in bringing your product to market months in advance, giving you a competitive edge.”

Since its release to the market in Dec 2012 our technology enables 99% success in obtaining market clearance of all applications submitted to compliance authorities worldwide. 

Our loyalty programs: THE MORE YOU BUY THE LESS YOU PAY. You can buy users and application on the go as you may need, or you can qualify for the following discounts!