Global Authorized Representative and License Holder Services

Achieving market access is a challenging task. Ensure Compliance, Protect IP, and Maintain Flexibility with Arazy Group’s Independent Authorized Representative and License Holder Services in 80+ markets.
For over 25 years, Arazy Group has been a trusted provider of authorized representative (AR) and license holder (LH) services across 100+ markets worldwide outside of the EU and the USA.

Advantages of Independent Authorized Representatives

Regulatory Expertise and Compliance

Specialized Knowledge:
Our representatives are regulatory experts, ensuring compliance with local regulations.
Consistent Compliance:
We maintain focus on regulatory adherence, essential for complex markets.

Reduced Conflict of Interest

Objective Oversight
Independent representatives provide unbiased regulatory management, safeguarding your interests.

Enhanced Control and Stability

Ensures stable regulatory affairs even when changing distributors.

Flexibility in Distribution:

Multiple Distributors:
Collaborate with multiple distributors without changing the regulatory representative.

Protection of Intellectual Property:

Confidentiality: Safeguards confidential product information from competitors.

The Role of Independent Authorized Representatives and License Holders for Medical Device and IVD Manufacturers Entering New Markets

Why Choose Arazy Group for Global AR/LH Services?

For almost three decades, Arazy Group has been a trusted provider of AR and LH services across 80+ markets worldwide.
Here’s why Arazy Group stands out:
Global Reach with Local Expertise:
Provides consistent and reliable AR/LH services across multiple jurisdictions.
Comprehensive Service Offering:
Offers pre-market registration, post-market surveillance, and ongoing compliance management.
Cost-Effective Solutions:
Tailors services to the needs of each manufacturer, ensuring high-quality services without excessive costs.
Advanced Regulatory Technology:
Uses cutting-edge technology to streamline compliance and provide real-time updates.
Proven Track Record:
Known for reliable and effective regulatory submissions and compliance maintenance.
Enhanced Flexibility and Control:
Maintains flexibility and control over market entry strategies, with unbiased regulatory support.


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