We provide a complete solution for global regulatory affairs through our all-in-one system, which comprises the top-rated MedTech registration management software, regulatory expertise assistance in over 140 countries, and license holder services available worldwide.

LICENSALE® – our Regulatory Information and Registration Management Software (RMS) is the answer to all your regulatory needs. With an intuitive user interface and real-time data, LICENSALE® provides complete project management, infographic analytics, effective collaboration tools, future market access planning, and advanced reporting capabilities. You’ll control your global Medtech registration activities like never before.

But that’s not all – LICENSALE® also offers regulatory expert support worldwide through Arazy Group’s in-country experts. They’ll review your compliance documents and assist you in preparing and submitting your applications, working with authorities until you obtain your desired marketing approvals.

And when it comes to the global authorized representative and license holder services, LICENSALE® has got you covered there too. Arazy Group’s authorized representatives and license holder services are available in over 100 countries, including EU AR, UK REP, Swiss AR, and US designated agents. With LICENSALE®, you can hold and own your licenses independently while benefiting from our expert services.

Since 2013, our platform has revolutionized how regulatory affairs professionals work, making a better work-life balance more manageable. LICENSALE’s technology saves time and streamlines tasks by automating processes and providing remote access, leaving more time for leisure activities. You can enjoy a more efficient and enjoyable work experience, allowing you and your team to maintain a healthy work-life balance..

The Advantage of Using LICENSALE® System

The registration system you need to initiate, renew, amend or transfer your medical device or IVD market access approval. 

LICENSALE® includes user-access specialized Regulatory Information Management (RIM), advanced Registration Management Software (RMS), and complete regulatory support from Arazy Group experts until licenses are obtained. Independent Authorized Representative and License Holder services are also available in most markets.

Regulatory Management Software (RMS)

LICENSALE®‘s intuitive user interface with real-time data includes complete project management, infographic analytics, an effective collaboration platform, future market access planning and  advanced reporting. It puts you in control of your global medtech registration activities.

Regulatory Expert Support Worldwide

Arazy Group “in-country” regulatory experts review your compliance documents,  assisting in preparation and submission of your applications. They work with authorities until you obtain your desired marketing approvals.

Global Authorized Representative & License Holder Services

Hold and own your licenses independently. Arazy Group Authorized Representatives and License Holder services are available for most countries, and include EU AR, UK REP, Swiss AR, and US designated agent.

Registration Management Software (RMS)

Request a personal demonstration to see how easy it is to manage your market access with LICENSALE®'s RMS.

Registration in 140+ Countries

LICENSALE® includes submission and compliance requirements specific for your product in over 140 countries as well as regulatory experts to assist with each of these markets.

“We have been using LICENSALE® for obtaining and maintaining our device licenses in global markets. The system is great tool for registering products in all jurisdictions including those that do not have a defined regulatory pathway”

- Tiffany Miller, OraSure Technologies

Real-Time Reporting

Stay on top of your projects with real-time progress reports, timelines and estimated and actual completion dates for initial registrations, renewals, amendments and license transfers.

All-in-One Managment Capabilities

Easily manage all your compliance documentation on one system. Communicate with your internal team and Arazy Group experts in one place

“I absolutely love LICENSALE®, there is no comparison. It’s so easy and user friendly. I love the communication with the Arazy Group team and the fact that everything can be done in one place.”

- Rhonda Allen, Versah LLC


LICENSALE® Mobile provides real-time information of current and future market access. Available on the App Store and Google Play.

Login with your portal credentials to track your IVD and medical device registration projects from anywhere.

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